About Us

Make a Career. Make a Future. Make a Difference.

At the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, our community consists of over 28,000 people in over 200 sites, working to coordinate and deliver health services to more than 700,000 individuals in and around the city of Winnipeg and the town of Churchill. We also provide health care support and specialty referral services to nearly half a million Manitobans from rural communities, as well as residents of northwestern Ontario and Nunavut who rely on our expertise.

We support physical and mental health, from birth through to end of life, working from a variety of environments:
• Tertiary hospitals (Sites with emergency departments and critical care units, providing care to the most seriously ill or injured patients)
• Community hospitals (sites that may offer urgent care and provide care to patients with significant but less complex care needs)
• Long term care homes
• Health centres
• Community health operations
• Home care

Attracting and maintaining energetic, engaged staff is essential to our success. We’re always looking for people with a passion for equitable, excellent health care, and a desire to collaborate with teams to deliver the best patient or resident experience possible.

Find Strength in Diversity

We’re committed to a workforce reflective of the communities we serve. We value diversity because:
• It helps us understand the issues and concerns of the people we serve
• It encourages new perspectives, creativity and innovation
• It helps us to better communicate with people in our care
• It makes us stronger

Indigenous applicants are encouraged to self-declare when applying for jobs in our health region. To do so, please include this information on your resume.