About Us

Make a Career. Make a Future. Make a Difference.

Manitoba’s health system is currently in transition. A health system transformation program has been established to guide the planning and implementation of changes aimed at improving the quality, accessibility and efficiency of health-care services throughout Manitoba.

Attracting and maintaining energetic, engaged staff is essential to our success as our transformation unfolds. We’re looking for team members who have a passion to deliver the best health care possible to our patients, clients and residents.

Working as a collaborative, integrated network, we provide patient-centred health services across Manitoba. Our teams support physical and mental health, from birth through to end of life, working from a variety of environments:

  • Tertiary hospitals (Sites with emergency departments and critical care units, providing care to the seriously ill or injured patients)
  • Community hospitals (Sites that may offer urgent care and provide care to patients with significant but less complex care needs)
  • Long term care homes
  • Health centres
  • Community health operations
  • Home care
  • Lab services and diagnostic centres
  • Regional health authority corporate offices
  • Shared Health corporate office


Find Strength in Diversity

We’re committed to a workforce reflective of the communities we serve. We value diversity because:

  • It helps us understand the issues and concerns of the people we serve
  • It encourages new perspectives, creativity and innovation
  • It helps us to better communicate with people in our care

Indigenous applicants are encouraged to self-declare when applying for jobs in the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and Shared Health. To do so, please include this information on your resume.